Biz Markie Net Worth: Biography, Income, Career, and Family

At the time of his death, Biz Markie, an American rapper, and comedian were worth $1 million. “Just a Friend,” which came out in 1989, was Biz Markie’s best-known song. People called him the “clown prince of hip-hop” often.

In this article, we will talk about Biz Markie net worth. Along with his salary, sources of income, wife, job, biography, great way of life, and a lot more.

Biz Markie Biography

On April 8, 1964, Biz Markie was born in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey City, in a place called Marcel Theo Hall. He grew up on Long Island in the hamlet of Brentwood and the village of Patchogue. He spent his teenage years there, and on September 25, 2021, the corner of South Street and West Avenue, across the street from where he lived at the time, was named Biz Markie Way.

Real Name/ Full Name:Marcel Theo Hall
Biz Markie Net Worth:$1 million
Date of Birth:Apr 8, 1964 (57 years old)
DiedJul 16, 2021, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Place of Birth:Marcel Theo Hall in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, United States
Profession:Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record Producer, Rapper, Beatboxer, Comedian
Education:Longwood High School
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:110 Kg (242 lbs.)
Social Media Accounts:Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook, & YouTube
Spouse:Tara Markie (m. 2005)
Children:1, (Step Daughter)
Parents:Not Mentioned 
Siblings:Five Siblings
More:Wikipedia, IMDb, Spotify, & Website

In 1982, he got his diploma from Longwood High School in Middle Island. Markie started his career in nightclubs in New York City. Later, he became known in the area by playing at colleges in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Biz Markie Career

Biz Markie’s first album, Goin’ Off, came out in 1988. It got a little bit of attention, but it wasn’t until he put out his second studio album a year later that his career really took off.

In 1989, he put out another album with Cold Chillin’ and Warner Bros. Records called The Biz Never Sleeps. Records. On the album was the song “Just a Friend,” which is still his most popular single.

Just a Friend, a remake of Freddie Scott’s 1968 song You Got What I Need, reached no. 9 on the Billboard charts and was ranked 81st on VH1’s “100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders” list in 2000.

Biz Markie Famous Songs

  • Just a Friend
  • Vapors
  • Turn the Party Out
  • Nobody Beats the Biz (Best Of)
  • Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz (Best Of)
  • Spring Again
  • Studda Step
  • Pancakes & Syrup
  • Nuttin But Flavor
  • Pickin’ Boogers (Best Of)

Biz Markie’s third and last album, I Need a Haircut, came out in 1991. Since then, he has worked with other artists, like the Rolling Stones, Len, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Beastie Boys, on songs.

Biz Markie moved into acting after having a pretty successful music career in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 2002, he was in Men in Black II, where he played himself as an alien. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were also in the movie.

Around the same time, he also played himself as a nightclub DJ in an episode of the TV show Fastlane. He also appeared in an episode of the TV show Kung Faux.

In 2004, his song Vapors was on the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s soundtrack.

He also tried his hand at reality TV. In 2005, he was on Nick Cannon’s game show Wild ‘n Out and the show Celebrity Fit Club.

Biz Markie Family

Back in 2005, Biz Markie got married to Tara Davis. In recent years, he’s had a number of health problems that became known in 2020. That year, he was taken to the hospital because complications from his Type 2 diabetes made him sick.

Later, it was found out that Biz Markie had gone into a diabetic coma and was put in a rehab center. During that time, Biz Markie’s wife helped him a lot.

In June 2021, rumors started spreading on Twitter that Biz Markie had died. His manager quickly denied the rumors, saying that Biz Markie was getting the best care for his health so he could get better quickly.

Biz Markie Net Worth

Biz Markie net worth is around $3 million. His music career brings in most of his money. He has made a lot of money from the sales of his music albums and performances at concerts. Biz Markie has also put more money in his bank account by getting paid to appear in movies and TV shows.

Why is Biz Markie so famous?

Biz Markie was best known for his hit song “Just a Friend,” which came out in 1989 and has stood the test of time. It made him the star he deserved to be. He sang the hook with all of his tone-deaf enthusiasm: “You! You have what I want! You say he’s just a friend, though. And say that he is only a friend!”

It was stupid and funny, but it was also sad. At the 1997 Tibetan Freedom Concert, he was the jokester who could end the show with a Woodstock joke.

He wore an Afro wig and a Day-Glo guitar and did a beatbox version of Jimi Hendrix’s version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” A trick like that would only be done by the Biz. It could only be done by the Biz.


Marcel Theo Hall was an American rapper, DJ, and record producer who went by the name Biz Markie in the music business. Markie was best known for his song “Just a Friend,” which he released in 1989 and was a Top 40 hit in several countries.

Marcel Theo Hall was called the Clown Prince of hip hop because his lyrics were funny and had a unique beat.

His wife planned the funeral for the rapper Biz Markie. At the funeral for Biz Markie, there were a lot of famous people there. Biz Markie net worth is $1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Biz Markie?

Biz Markie was a rapper and comic from the United States.

Where is Biz Markie from?

Biz Markie was born in Manhattan, New York City, in the Harlem neighborhood.

Where did Biz Markie live?

Biz Markie lived on Long Island, which is in the state of New York.

How old is Biz Markie?

Biz Markie was born on Apr 8, 1964, and died on Jul 16, 2021 (57 years old).

How long has Biz Markie been married?

Biz Markie married Tara Davis back in 2005.

How much was Biz Markie worth?

Biz Markie net worth is $1 million.

How did Biz Markie passed away?

The people who worked for him say that Biz Markie died on Friday in Baltimore. The performer and hip hop pioneer from Harlem, New York, died with “his wife Tara by his side” because of complications from diabetes.

Why is Biz Markie in the hospital?

Biz Markie is in a hospital in Maryland because his Type II Diabetes is making him sick. Markie’s hit song “Just A Friend” made him famous, and he has talked in the past about his struggles with diabetes.

Is Biz Markie still alive?

No, Biz Markie died on July 16, 2021.

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