Brett Favre Net Worth: Biography, Income, Career, and Family

American football quarterback Brett Favre, who is now retired, has a $100 million net worth. He is best known for his incredibly prosperous NFL career, during which he primarily played for the Green Bay Packers. In his 20 NFL seasons, Brett played in 11 Pro Bowls, was named to the First Team All-Pro three times, and won one Super Bowl.

In this article, we will talk about Brett Favre net worth. Along with his salary, sources of income, wife, job, biography, a great way of life, and a lot more.

Brett Favre Biography

He goes by the name Brett Lorenzo Favre. Brett Favre was his nickname. Because he was born in America, he is an American. Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, United States, on October 10, 1969. His parents were teachers in Hancock School County, so he was able to join their sports program for free, which he did. Favre was the second of four children.

Real Name/ Full Name:Brett Lorenzo Favre
Brett Favre Net Worth:$100 million
Date of Birth:Oct. 10, 1969 (52 years old)
Place of Birth:Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
Profession:American Football Player, Athlete, Actor
Education:The University of Southern Mississippi
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight:101 Kg (222 Ibs)
Social Media Accounts:Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook
Spouse:Deanna Favre (1996-Present)
Children:2 (Brittany Favre, Breleigh Favre)
Parents:Irvin Favre, Bonita Favre
Siblings:Scott Favre, Brandi Favre, Jeff Favre
More:Wikipedia, IMDb, NFL, & Website

He and his three brothers grew up in the wilds of the bayou country, where they hunted and fished. Like his siblings, Favre loved and was good at baseball and football in school. At first, Favre seemed to be a better baseball player. In the eighth grade, he was set in the starting lineup for Hancock North Central. In Southern Mississippi, where he went to school, he set more than seven records, five of which haven’t been broken since.

He was so good at football that Southern Mississippi in your area gave him a full scholarship. He also had the chance to go to Stanford University. But he chose to stay in his home state to finish school and his football career.

Brett Favre Career

Brett Favre played college football for four years with the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. When the NFL draft came around, the Falcons picked him. He was a backup for one season before the Packers’ first-round pick in the 1992 NFL draft got him trades to Green Bay.

Brett play for the Packers for 16 years before being traded to the Jets and then the Vikings, where he spent his last two seasons in the NFL.

Brett Favre is an American football quarterback

Brett is the only player in NFL history to have won the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award three times in a row, from 1995 to 1997. He is also one of only six quarterbacks to have won the award and the Super Bowl in the same season. Brett Favre has set a lot of records in the NFL. He was the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns when he retired, but Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts has since broken both records.

Favre was set into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016 because of his long history of great play. The famous American athlete is worth about $100 million, according to estimates.

Brett Favre Family

Irvin Favre is Brett Favre’s father, and Bonita Favre is his mother. Brett Favre has 3 siblings named Scott Favre, Jeff Favre, and Brandi Favre.

Brett Favre is married to Deanna Tynes Favre, and the two of them have two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Breleigh Favre. She was born in Klin, Mississippi, on December 28, 1968. They met in graduate school, where they both went, and started dating when they were in high school.

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Deanna graduated from high school in 1986 and went to Poplarville Community College on a basketball scholarship. She then transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi and got her Bachelor of Science in December 1994. The workout.

Before she got married on February 6, 1989, when she was only 20, she had her first daughter, Brittany. In 1995, she moved in with Favre in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their relationship was hard because he was addicted to Vicodin, but she decided to stay with him and help him kick the habit.

Brett Favre's wife Deanna Tynes Favre and they have two daughters

During her recovery, Favre asked Deanna to marry him. At first, she wasn’t sure, but she eventually said yes. The wedding took place at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Green Bay on July 14, 1996. On July 13, 1999, they had another son, Breleigh, who was their second child.

Brittany Favre is married and has two kids. In recent years, she has shown some of her father’s traits and the same mental toughness that made him a legend. Brittany Favre said in an interview that ever since she was a child, she has wanted to be a lawyer. Even though her dream job is to be a lawyer, she is also trying to find something else that she is interest in. She went to law school and graduated.

Breleigh Favre, on the other hand, has played sports just like her father. She is a great volleyball player and one of the best players on the Oak Grove volleyball team. She had 85 kills, 7 blocks, and 31 aces, which helped Oak Grove get to the semifinals of the state volleyball tournament.

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Brett Favre has also played volleyball on the ground as a member of the EsteClub. She got a volleyball scholarship from South Mississippi, which is the same school her father went to. That’s how she first got known.

Brett Favre Net Worth

Brett Favre is the best quarterback in American football, and Brett Favre net worth is around $100 million. Various online sources, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, say that the most famous quarterback in American football, Brett Favre net worth about $100 million.

We’ve already told you that he has a net worth of about $100 million. During his football career, Brett Favre made close to $200 million. When he played for the Green Bay Packers, he had four different contracts that paid him anywhere from $20 million to $220 million.

Brett Favre net worth is around $100 million

The best salary he got was around $15 million per year from the Green Bay Packers. After playing for the Packers for four seasons, he chose to end his career with the Minnesota Vikings. He played for them for two years, and in exchange, they gave him $25 million.

During his football career, the most money he ever made was about $20 million. With endorsement deals, he has made more than $60 million. Since he has worked in Wisconsin for most of his career, he has opened many businesses there.

Brett Favre is one of the most well-known businesses. It is a steakhouse that has more than 30 franchises in Wisconsin and 102 franchises outside of Wisconsin. Stay tuned to us for more news about famous people.

Why is Brett Favre so Famous?

Favre is like Wayne Gretzky to the NFL because he holds what seems like a lot of records. Favre has thrown the most touchdowns (497), completions (6,083), and yards (69,329). He also has played the most games in a row, which is a record. Favre won MVP three times in a row and was named an All-Pro 11 times.

He helped the Packers win Super Bowl XXXI, and a year later, he played in another one. Favre has a postseason record of 13-11. Brett Favre is famous as the “iron man” of football. He is a quarterback for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and has come out of retirement more than once.

Brett Favre was so special because he loved playing football. He was the quarterback, but he thought like a linebacker. He was a gunslinger, which made him a lot of fun to watch. Brett would talk even with athletes like Warren Sapp, who was almost twice as big as he was but just as good at sports. He was a tough guy.

Brett Favre is famous for his football game

As a quarterback, he set the record for most consecutive starts in a career. He broke the record, and, likely, no other quarterback will ever come close to it. That is very interesting. He played a professional sport for fun and with the idea that if it wasn’t fun, he wouldn’t do it. He taught everyone around him how to play better by setting a good example and making what many players see as a business into a fun game, the way it should be.


Brett Favre’s net worth is around to be around $100 million, making him the wealthiest player in American football history. The majority of people recall him from his illustrious NFL career, which he spent primarily with the Green Bay Packers.

Brett spent two decades in the NFL, earning one title, was name to the First Team three times, and appearing in 11 Pro Bowls.

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He played for the Green Bay Packers for 20 years in a row. Bret Favre is his name, and Brett Favre net worth is around $100 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brett Favre?

Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former quarterback who played American football for 20 years, mostly with the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League (NFL).

How old is Brett Favre?

Brett Favre was born on October 10, 1696 and he is 52 years old right now.

How tall is Brett Favre?

Brett Favre’s height is 6 ft 2 in. or 1.88 m.

Where does Brett Favre live?

Together with his wife Deana, he has been all over the world. Still, they chose to live in the piney woods of south Mississippi, just west of Hattiesburg. This is about an hour’s drive from where they grew up in Kiln, a small town in Hancock County near the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

How much is Brett Favre worth?

Brett Favre net worth is around $100 million.

When did Brett Favre retire?

Favre played in the NFL for 20 years, and after the 2010 season, he retired. In 2016, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

How many times did Brett Favre retire?

Brett Favre has stopped playing professional football three times. Talk about Favre leaving football began as early as 2002, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he did so “officially.” Favre would come back, but this time as a New York Jet at the start of the next season. After a disappointing time with the Jets, Favre retired again, but by the start of the next football season, he was back on the career, this time as a Minnesota Viking. After the 2010 NFL season, Favre quit football for good.

How many super bowls did Brett Favre win?

Brett Favre is a legend among Green Bay Packers fans because he took the team to the Super Bowl for the first time since Vince Lombardi’s time as a coach. In 1997, Brett Favre won Super Bowl XXXI. Brett Favre helped the Packers beat the Patriots, and the final score was 35-21. Favre threw two touchdown passes and passes for a total of 246 yards. Even in the game against the Patriots, he ran for a touchdown.

What teams did Brett Favre play for?

Brett Favre played for the Atlanta Falcons in 1991, for the Packers from Green Bay from 1992 to 2007, for The NY Jets in 2008, and the Minnesota Vikings from 2009 to 2010.

How many rings does Brett Favre have?

Brett Favre has 1 ring which he gained in 1997.

What is Brett Favre doing now?

Brett Favre is enjoying retirement and spending his free time travelling. In 2011, he joined the NFL Network to cover the Super Bowl XLVII pregame. He also had a show on the SiriusXM radio station.

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