Browse Better with These Safari Hacks

Navigate the web smoothly and painlessly with the help of the following Safari tricks and tips. You may already know some of them, and some may surprise you. Let’s go.

Put Browser Tabs into Groups To Stay Organized

If you’re working with too many tabs simultaneously, the solution is to organize them into groups. Depending on your choice of device, the process will be slightly different.

For example, on your iPhone, tap the Tabs icon on Safari > choose the X Tabs entry at the bottom > tap New Empty Tab Group to create a new group or select New Tab Group X tabs to create a group out of your existing tabs > name the group and select Save. Then, you can go to the Tabs screen and choose the group.

On your Mac, you can organize the open tabs into groups by clicking the down arrow next to the sidebar button > clicking the Add Group button > choosing New Tab Group > entering a name for the group, and pressing Return.

Remove or Delete Bookmarks

Bookmarking is not completely useless. It is helpful to bookmark webpages you have discovered online and may want to come to later. However, if you are in the habit of bookmarking, the list will become full too fast. Then, you’ll have a hard time finding the webpage you seek.

If you’ve saved too many bookmarks and that’s become a mess, you can delete bookmarks and trim the list.

Do you not know how to delete Safari bookmarks? Setapp has an excellent guide for Safari users, click You can even use apps like Unclutter to automate the process of removing bookmarks on Safari.

Close Open Tabs Automatically

While focusing on browsing the web, you may forget to close the open tabs. Pretty quickly, you’ll be bogged down with dozens of tabs. And if you get pulled into an important work meeting, you may forget about the tabs, and all the open tabs will slow down your system’s performance.

You can automate the process of closing the open tabs by going to Settings > Safari > Close Tabs and setting it to close after a day, one week, or even a month.

Clear Your Browser History

Online privacy is a significant concern nowadays. Therefore, you must take steps to stay safe while browsing the web. Luckily, Apple’s Safari takes security seriously.

Even then, it doesn’t hurt to take steps to protect your privacy online. One of the best ways to do this is to delete the records of websites you have visited and the files you have downloaded. You can go to the Safari menu > Preferences > General tab > Remove history items and wipe your browsing history. You can choose whether to remove the history after a day, a week, or a month. Alternatively, you can manually remove them.

As you scroll down, you will find the Remove download list items option, which also works the same way as removing browser history. You can choose to delete the downloaded items after a day or month, or delete them manually.

Use Reader View for All Websites

Safari Reader is an excellent feature to use to enhance your browsing experience. When turned on, this function formats the web pages for easy reading. Also, the web pages are presented with no ads, so there’s nothing interrupting your reading experience.

If you want to automatically view all your websites in Reader, open Safari > Preferences > switch to the Websites tab and choose Reader > configure the open website to use Reader view automatically by selecting On besides When visiting other websites.

You can also change the way your webpage appears in Reader. In the Safari application, click the AA icon appearing at the right end of the Smart Search field. You can adjust the Settings by choosing the font size, font and modifying the background.

Stop Videos from Playing Automatically

Do you find it annoying when you are trying to read a website and a video starts playing without your permission? It can be highly stressful to go through all the open tabs to find the page that is automatically playing videos to close it. Even if you mute the tab, the video may keep playing, and this is a huge waste of resources.

Solve this issue by telling Safari to block the auto-playing videos. You can do this by opening Safari > Preferences > the Websites tab and choosing Auto-play from the sidebar on the left. Here, you can configure websites to Never Auto-play media or Stop media with sound.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these cool tricks and tips should help you to browse better on Safari. Of course, there are more tricks not included in this list. If you have any hacks to improve Safari web browsing, feel free to comment below.

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