Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

We all have that one friend that is smitten with their plants. They proudly call themselves a plant parent and cannot stand to see anything happen to their beloved plant baby, mainly when moving to a new home. Even though you might not transmit their affection for plants, you still love them for their attachment. We have come up with a list of original plant-themed housewarming gift ideas that will surely make your friend feel enjoyed and more at home.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Grow light 

Any grow light is the perfect gift for your plant-lover friends. Even though we get plenty of sun in Australia, we guarantee that there are parts of your friend’s house. That do not get enough light, but they are otherwise perfect for plant babies. Well, the resolution is an LED grow light that gives plants enough light to grow. Looks aesthetically satisfactory and saves energy. You can even get a grow light secreted in a frame shelf. And your friend can put their plants inside and mount them to a wall. It is a great way to use the space, and all plant-lovers need extra space for their babies. It can be the best housewarming gift ideas.

Watering globes

Suppose you have a plant-lover friend that is quite unmindful when watering their plants, especially during hot Australian summers. At that point, we might recommend that blown-glass watering globes are perfect for them. They work by slowly discharging water into the soil through their long skinny necks, and the bubble serves as a reservoir. And they can be rather decorative, as well. The globes come in different shapes and sizes, from animal bodies like birds and cats to hearts, spirals and even stars. They are often beautifully colourful and make for an extremely decorative gift. 

Plant delivery

For the urban plant-lovers who just moved to another home, getting them a plant friend. It might be a good idea to make them feel more at home. There are plenty of shops where you can get an authentic plant gift in Sydney, even online. They supply doorstep live plant delivery, so your buddy can receive a little surprise even if you live out of town. The plants come with a gorgeous carry gift bag (for small plants), plant care guide and printed personalized note card. 

Whimsical plant jewelry 

You can always get attractive plant jewelry for those plant lovers that have it all. Just as decorative as the water globes, plant jewelry is a stylish way of saying that you care about your friend’s hobbies, and they will surely appreciate it. From ceramic heart-shaped pops on sticks with cute messages to witty ceramic tags and actual enamelled. Or brass plant jewelry you can hang on branches, there are numerous original products you can get online. 

Self-Watering Wet Pot

Self-watering pots are fantastic for those people that frequently travel yet still want to have a green oasis in their house. You can program the pots to adjust any indoor plant. Dew planters also concentrate the moisture from the atmosphere to keep the plant hydrated. Also, propagation kits can come in handy, considering that not everyone has sufficiently plant propagation knowledge. The kits come with all the necessary tools and teachings, so they are fool-proof. 

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Sets of original and decorative pots 

Maybe a bit unmistakable, but you can never go mistaken with a pot. Nobody says a pot as a gift has to be tiresome and mimetic. There are many cool designs you can glance for, not just the plain terracotta ones. From intricate yet minimalist geometric sets, especially good for succulents, to attractive, hand-painted decorative pots. To magnetic pots you can attach to the wall, providing you with a practical storage solution. You can even make your pot, there are plenty of DIY videos online, and it is pretty cheap to make.

Final Thought

They may be uncommon, but we love them – our plant-lover friends sometimes merit being spoiled. Consider the list of plant-friendly gifts as a motivation for housewarming gift ideas next time your friend chooses to move. 

We’ve rounded up the best (and most unique) gifts for plant enthusiasts, including Etsy DIY kits, and a plethora of books from Amazon. And even a gift designed to pamper plant parents, all of which are “mint” to make your plant person and their favourite loving plants very happy.

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