How To Find A Leak In A Metal Roof? (Surprising Facts & Pro Tips)

For a range of reasons such as durability over time or energy-saving even if you are not mindful of electricity consumption, a metal roof has been the first option over the past few years. However, not everything is immune to damage, and metal roofs are not an exception also.

Finding a leak in a metal roof is much easier when keeping an eye on specific areas. And if you are aware of what to look into. This guide will eventually aid you in understanding such information.

5 Reasons Causing A Leak In Your Metal Roof

Improper roof movement

A metal roof, as loads of metal roof buyers, is aware, is meant to move a little bit for the water to easily flow off the roof. As some repair projects properly inhibit roof flexibility, problems may arise. 

A tear can be present and make water penetrate the metal roof. If the roof panels keep moving while the repair patch remains. You should always consult a professional first before attempting to repair a job on your metal roof.

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Improper roof installation

Proper installation needs skilled contractors who have deep knowledge related to materials and techniques. Water may drip under your roof if improperly installed, leading the seams along the metal panels to lift. This both causes leaks and results in structural damage to your home severely too.

Fastener Issue

When it comes to metal roof panels, clips, as well as fasteners along with rubber washers, are the main kinds of attachments. After the panels are carefully seamed and then crimpe, the fasteners are more concealed and clips fasten to the purlin. 

Some holes or long gaps between the metal and the washer may become obvious after the fasteners and their rubber washers have worn out. This leads to roof leakage.

Crimping in the roof

A metal roof can eventually crease or dent in the metal panels, which is primarily caused by foot traffic. If not properly repaired or maintained periodically. This may lead to water in the pool and finally result in rust, holes, and even leakage too.

Roof rust

You have to check for rust even though metal roofs feature both pros and cons, and one advantage is rust. You cannot say that there is a leak even if you see rust on a metal roof’s surface. 

However, a leak in the metal roof stems from the roof’s protective coating that has been ruined, resulting in holes or scaling. Make sure you have inspected for leaks and considered using a rust inhibitor to keep the rust from spreading if you spot rust on the roof.

4 Ways To Find A Leak In A Metal Roof

A few important places are the most common spots for metal roof leakage. The termination details, penetrations of the roof, or the roof’s body.

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Look into the termination detail

A termination detail is the places in the roof witnessing the stop of the metal roofing including the gaps and trims.

You can think of some below:

  • Caps may be loose or simply missing
  • Under the caps running water
  • Every once in a while there comes gutter damage
  • Flashing damage
Find A Leak In A Metal Roof

Check the roof’s body

Via inspection visually, leaks in the roof’s body can be easily found. You can check for some factors such as finding a leak:

  • Due to weather or debris, puncture holes may be ascribed
  • Rust damage is possibly responsible
  • Overly tightened screws or sometimes they may be missing, misaligned, or loose
  • Metal roofing panels featuring shifted improperly

Examine transition points

You need to pay attention to the valleys of your roof. Where one section of the roof generally connects with another making transition points.

  • Missing butyl tape or from time to time, a missing sealant may be an issue
  • Trim or gaps seem nowhere to be found
  • The Trim may be loose
  • Where panels overlap has a misalignment

Be conscious of roof penetrations

Any place where skylights, chimneys, pipes, vents, or other types of support mechanically pass through your roof is includes in the penetrations. 

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You should check for some factors below:

  • Cracked seals may cause a leak, which is often obvious on flashing
  • Around a couple of corners of penetrations, there are gaps in trims
  • Some decaying sealants that you might be ignorant 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most typical repairs for leaky roofs?

The most popular repair of a leaky roof is the replacement of repairing flashing. Or shingles in specific areas, in the case that a leaky roof is ascribed to localized damage. 

However, partial or complete reroofing may be better. If the damage has been widespread or contained in the field of shingles.

Do you need to seek a replacement if your metal roof is leaking?

My answer is that everything will be dependent. 

The roof will more than likely not need to be replace if the rest of it is still good to keep using. And you practically just had a missing or shingle that is not in a good condition. However, if the roof’s lifespan is over and the issue is really widespread, then my answer is yes! 

In some cases, a roof replacement totally or partially will be requires. If you let the leak be an indicator of another more significant issue. 

How long does it take to repair a leaky metal roof?

In general, different issues need unrelated time specified. Less than an hour is enough for one-area localized metal roof repair and cases that just require some shingles to be replaced. 

However, this may take longer depending on the layers of shingles, in the case that the whole roof needs placing. Whether you are having the old roof got out. 

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