What Makes Dream Weaver Carpet So Good to Use for Residential?

Carpets add elegance, style, and even warmth to a home. It also provides a comfortable spot where children and pets can lay and play on the floor. It is exactly all these characteristics that every Dream Weaver Carpet possesses.

Dream Weaver Carpet is a brand under Engineered Floors, established by Bob Shaw in 2009. It is based in Dalton, GA, and is the third-largest U.S. carpet manufacturer. 

Benefits of a Dream Weaver Carpet

A high-quality carpet, such as one from Dream Weaver carpet, is surprisingly easy to maintain and generates a sense of coziness in a space. Vacuum it regularly and spot clean any spills or messes that occur. Furthermore, the carpet may act as a trap for airborne allergens and dust, trapping them until vacuumed away.

Furthermore, a well-put carpet provides insulation, which helps to make your space quiet and comfortable. This is especially beneficial in the winter. While other forms of flooring may feel cold under your feet, making it harder to keep your heating expenses low, carpets can help keep you warm.

What makes their carpet special? 

Their carpets are manufactured with a very environment-friendly approach.

Scientists have been consistently warning us these past years that climate change and global warming could drastically change the planet Earth as we know it. We are experiencing catastrophes, extreme temperature changes, and diseases that are attributable to climate change and global warming. Therefore, we all know that we need more companies that care for the environment. 

Carpets from Dream Weaver are manufactured with PureColor fibre that uses less energy and water. Moreover, although it does not completely do away with greenhouse gasses, it emits lower amounts. It is, thus, less harmful to the environment. 

This is make possible because the company has a system that uses 30% less energy and 87% less water but allows them to produce high-quality carpets. Moreover, they do not utilize PFCs, and their greenhouse emissions amount to 42% less. 

It is lovely as much as it is durable. 

Dream Weaver carpet quality is unquestionable with its PurColor fibre. This feature makes its carpets look good and last for a long period. They offer a wide selection of carpets with this feature in their nylon and polyester products. A carpet manufactured with this technology not only looks clean but also: 

  1. Does not fade over time with its solution-dyed treatment that makes the colours permanent. Even if your carpet is expose to sunlight, the colour will remain vibrant. Cleaning solutions with bleaching agents will also not cause the colour of the carpet to fade. 
  2. It has colours throughout every stand of its fibre, which also helps keep its colour a more vibrant look that lasts for years and years even if the carpet is places in high foot traffic areas. 
  3. Has fibres that are resistant to spills from food and drinks and pet accidents. 
  4. It has soil and stain protection that makes it easy to vacuum the carpet even with dirt dragged in from outside. 
  5. It offers a wide choice of styles and fibre for every type of budget and concept.

There are four major collections that Dream Weaver carpet offers. Of these collections, two are budget collections, and the other two are premium collections. Two of these collections also consist of polyester, while the other two are nylon. The budget collections include PureColor Nylon and PureColor Polyester, while the premium collections consist of PureColor Soft Nylon and PureColor Soft Polyester.

For the Soft series, the company offers a longer warranty. Meanwhile, the classic series guarantees 5 to 25 years with thinner and less soft fibres. There are three main colouring ranges in their thread. You can select from carpets that are treat with PureColor Solutions, PureColor TwistX, and PureColor. 

How to Care and Clean for Your Dream Weaver Carpet

There are things that you should keep in mind if you want your carpet to last for as long as possible, which are:

  1. Hire a professional to install your carpet to reduce the risk of damaging your carpet or incorrect installation.
  2. Your first line of protection is doormats installed outside your door. This prevents dirt and debris from getting inside and landing on your carpet. 
  3. Avoid installing your carpet in a room that gets flood or collects moisture. 
  4. Use particular vacuum cleaners approved and recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  5. Hire professionals to be deep clean your carpet at least once every 12 to 18 months. 
  6. If installing the carpet in a high foot traffic area, purchase one with the appropriate grade. Otherwise, your carpet will wear and tear quicker than you would prefer. 
  7. Spills should be blotte up with a rag or towel as it happens. Leaving spills may result in it adhering permanently to your carpet. If you are blesses, you will only have difficulty cleaning and removing it, and you will not even completely succeed. 
  8. Do not apply heat to stains caused by pets or urine on your carpet. Heat will only cause the paint to adhere to the carpet, making it harder to remove. 
  9. Use spot cleaners approved and recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 
  10. Make sure that you purchase a carpet with the correct hardiness and thickness. 

Some Dream Weaver carpet reviews complained of vacuum track marks that stayed on their carpets for several days. To avoid having a similar experience with your carpet, use only tools tried, tested, and approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. It may seem high maintenance, but it will undoubtedly benefit you and your carpet. 


Installing a carpet can be costly. A Dream Weaver carpet can cost around $8.00 per square foot. If you enjoy your carpet to be the top of the line, expect to shell out around $17.00 to $20.00 per square foot. Nevertheless, Dream Weaver carpet is still considered affordable, given that it is somewhere between the standard and cheap product ranges of carpet brands. 

It is highly recommend to hire professional installers to install your Dream Weaver carpet. If you consider how efficient it is and how certain it will be properly install, you save money.

If you insist on doing it yourself and end up installing it the wrong way and damaging the carpet, you may hire professionals to reinstall it and even repair the damage. Worse, you may have to discard your carpet because it is too damaged to be repaired. 

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