Tim Dillon Net Worth: Biography, Income, Career, and Cars

Tim Dillon is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster. Tim Dillon net worth is $4 million. He is the host of the podcast “The Tim Dillon Show,” and in 2018, he executive produced an episode of the Netflix series “The Comedy Lineup.”

Tim has acted in the movies Timing (2020) and Boston Psychiatric (2009, 2016), as well as the TV shows Above Average Presents, Thanksgiving, and You, Didn’t Want to Know (2018). Dillon was listed among “Rolling Stone” magazine’s “10 Comedians You Need to Know” in 2017.

Please continue reading to learn more about his current net worth and primary sources of income from the previous few years.

Tim Dillon Biography

Tim J. Dillon was born in Island Park, New York, in January 1985. When he was a young child, his parents separated, and his mother was later given a schizophrenia diagnosis. The general populace is unaware of their names.

Real Name/ Full NameTim J. Dillon
Net Worth$4 million
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 1985
Place of BirthIsland Park, New York, U.S.
ProfessionStand-up Comedian, Actor, and Podcaster
EducationNassau Community College
Social media Accounts:Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook

Robert Lopez, co-creator of the Broadway musicals Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, is interestingly Dillon’s second cousin. He also co-wrote the songs for the Disney movies Coco, Frozen, and Frozen 2.

Tim is notably of Irish Catholic ancestry. Additionally, he had some experience acting like a child. He was a brief part of the PBS children’s program Sesame Street in 1994.

Dillon remarked during his appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, saying, “I was a child actress as a kid, and I failed. Twice I appeared on Sesame Street. In the polka, Snuffleupagus and I danced. Legitimately”.

Tim Dillon Career

Around 2010, Tim started doing stand-up comedy, and in New York City, he got a job as a tour guide. He performed at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal in 2016 and made appearances on Comedy Knockout, The Chris Gethard Show, and The 2016 Chris Gethard Election Special. Meanwhile. eight episodes of “Red Eye w/Tom Shillue” featuring Dillon was show from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, he co-starred in the short film “Anything Boys Can Do” with fellow stand-up comedian Nikki Glaser. He made appearances on “Marvel: Eat The Universe” (2019), “The James Altucher Show” (2020), “Inside Joke at Moontower” (2018), “The Stand-Up Show with Katherine Ryan” (2019), and eight episodes of “Lights Out with David Spade” (2019-2020).

Tim Dillon Show

Tim is the host of the podcast “The Tim Dillon Show,” formerly “Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell,” which has more than 369,000 subscribers on YouTube as of this writing. For example, along with Nick Mullen and Luis J. Gomez, Dillon co-hosted the podcast “Bastard Radio” and has been a guest on many others, including “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “History Hyenas,” “The Megyn Kelly Show,” “Red Scare Podcast,” “The Fighter and the Kid,” and “Your Mom’s House.” Therefore, Tim moderated a panel discussion at a Miami Bitcoin Conference in 2021 that included Jake Paul, Tyler, and Cameron Winklevoss.

Tim Dillon Family

The names of Tim Dillon’s parents are unknown. His parents divorced each other when he was young. Tim’s father never saw him during his entire life, while his mother was granted custody but later developed schizophrenia. Due to his secrecy about his personal life, little is known about his siblings either.

Robert Lopez, a songwriter, is Tim Dillon’s cousin. He is best known for co-creating the books “Mormon” and “avenue q,” as well as co-writing the lyrics for films like “Frozen I and II” and “Coco.”

Tim Dillon revealed his homosexuality at the age of 25. Being attractes to the same gender is what we call homosexual or gay. So, Tim Dillon is gay.

Tim Dillon is currently single and without a lover. However, he has previously been involved in many relationships.

Tim Dillon Net Worth

Tim Dillon’s $4 million net worth has grown during the past ten years. However, most of his achievements came in the previous five years.

His primary sources of income are his tour, podcasts and their ad revenues, and sporadic acting roles.

Why Tim Dillon is so famous?

The comedian and podcaster gained fame after serving as presenter of The Jim Dillon’s Show. His involvement in The Joe Rogan Experience program also contributed to his notoriety. As of May 2022, Tim Dillon’s YouTube audience had over 438k subscribers.


Tim Dillon is not your typical comic and podcaster; his sense of humor is immediately apparent in his distinctive humorous delivery. Tim Dillon net worth is $4 million. When he first appeared on Sesame Street in his early years, most people categorized him as a child actor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Tim Dillon?

Tim Dillon’s age is 37. He was born on January 22, 1985.

How tall is Tim Dillon?

Tim Dillon’s height is 6 ft 1 In or 1.85 m, while he weighs 90 kg or 198 lbs. Dillon’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, while his ethnicity is White.

How much is Tim Dillon net worth?

Tim Dillon net worth is $4 million as of 2022.

Where does Tim Dillon live?

Tim Dillon lives in Los Angeles, California, US.

Is Tim Dillon married?

Tim Dillon is homosexual or gay. Thus, he doesn’t have any wife or kids.

Is Tim Dillon gay?

Tim Dillon is gay that’s why he had to face many problems when he was young, but now he openly tells about his homosexuality.

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